About dstinctive

high quality custom socks
made in Italy, designed by you

dstinctive was born from the idea that tailor-made clothing should be offered in a sustainable and affordable way. Did you know that the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of global pollution yearly? With that in mind, the concept of personalized on-demand produced socks started to take shape in 2017. Born in Italy and now established in Amsterdam, The Netherlands since February 2021, the perfect place for an innovative fashion tech startup like us.

You create your ideal socks, we produce them sustainably the next day.

our mission

offer high-quality personalized socks at an affordable price

our vision

make a difference in the fashion industry, by producing sustainably and reducing waste

zero waste

Your socks are custom made in Brescia, Italy, by artisans. We have a zero waste production policy: we only produce what we have sold, keep no stock and do not waste unnecessary materials, energy or water. We only work with certified materials of the highest quality standards and suppliers who share our values.


We only produce what we have already sold because we produce on-demand. Thanks to our patented technology, we can produce your socks completely on-demand, including your personalization. No printing or embroidery, your socks are made completely 'from scratch'.

our core values

uniqueness and personalization

100% made in Italy by artisans

sustainability and zero waste

"Being unique makes us who we are"

dstinctive is based in Amsterdam and run by co-founder Lydia van der Spek. With a background in product development & graphic design and a passion for fashion, she has great plans for dstinctive!

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